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How are you? We would like to enquire for a quote to transport our household stuff from Aarhus to Switzerland on the 20th Dec 2018. Pls find the following items :- Items - Size Description Sony TV - 40'' LED Big Painting - 57-inch x 43.5-inch Small Painting - 43.5-inch x 36-inch Sideboard - 78-inch Length, 32-inch Height x 18-inch Width Light Pendel Dia 40cm Two Citybikes One Speaker 2-3 carton boxes with clothes, shoes and accessories Please let me know if the above information will be sufficient as you need for quotation, and kindly contact me at 045 5384 6878. Have a great day. Looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Warmest regards, Lee Siang, Mehr
Oprettet 15.11.2018
Kategori Udlandsflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt 20. December, 2018
Adresse , evt sal XXXX XXXX
Land DK
Adresse , evt sal XXXX XXXX
Land Schweiz
Antal kvm
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