Udlandsflytning Nørresundby

Flexible scheduling. Pickup from Nørresundby most days between 1st July to 14th August. Delivery into Oslo most days between 8th August to 31st October. There is an elevator at the destination and I do not know the exact floor yet. I only move part of the apartment in Nørresundby to Oslo. So there is no big furniture except what is listed here going to Oslo. I can help with the moving boxes and smaller items on the days of the move. Items include: * 40" HDTV * Light coffee table set and TV stand * Queen memory foam mattress * One small shelves/bookshelves * Pots, pans, dishes, etc. from kitchen * Computer and electronic equipment * Electric guitar and pedals * Portable exercise equipment and a couple weights * Three bicycles * Books, CDs, DVDs
Oprettet 31.05.2022
Kategori Udlandsflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt Inden for 2 måneder
Land Norway
Postnummer/By TIL Oslo
Adresse , evt sal XXXX XXXX
Land Denmark
Adresse , evt sal XXXX XXXX
Postnummer/By FRA Nørresundby
Antal kvm 20
Møblering mængde Normalt møbleret
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