Privatflytning Amager til København

Hi, the following would be the approximate things to move: - 1 bed 160 x 200 - 1 under-the-sink cabinet - 1 sofa - 3 chairs (1 office, 2 smaller) - 1 kitchen table (small) - 1 bigger hæve/sænke table - 3 monitors - 1 tall lamp - approximately 20-25 boxes The date is flexible: from March 4th to March 11th. Parking option at the house I am moving from: 1 meter from the entrance outside. That is technically Amagerfælledvej 172-178, but it is closer to the door of my apartment. The parking option at the house I am moving to: A bit unsure as the building is still under construction. It seems like there will be parking options close to the entrance, and there is an underground parking space too (do not know the max height of that one)
Oprettet 25.02.2024
Kategori Privatflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt 06. Marts, 2024
Der flyttes FRA Lejlighed, 5.sal
Antal kvadratmeter 40-50 m2
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Møblering Let møbleret
Der flyttes TIL Lejlighed, 2. sal
Parkeringsafstand til dør 10-20 meter
Serviceniveau Jeg hjælper selv til
Andre ting Der er elevator på fraflytningsadressen
Andre ting Der er elevator på tilflytningsadressen