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Hi I am going to move out on 15th or 16th of April 2021 from my current apartment (in Teglvænget, 2nd floor, 9000 Aalborg) to the BOXIT AALBORG C (in Østre Alle 102, 9000 Aalborg). I need two persons (movers) to move the furniture via their vehicle (Van or Truck). I have the following furniture: One L sofa and Two Sofas (2 & 3 person sofa) One Sofa Table and One TV Board One kitchen table and 6 chairs One Gass Grill One bed One small computer desk and One small and medium size drawers And approximately 15 carton boxes Would you please let me know how much should be paid for the movement of furniture in Total. I am looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. Best regards Tohid Jahangiri
Oprettet 07.04.2021
Kategori Privatflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt Inden for 10 dage
Der flyttes FRA Lejlighed, 2. sal
Antal kvadratmeter 80-90 m2
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Møblering Almindeligt møbleret
Der flyttes TIL Opbevaring
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Serviceniveau Jeg hjælper ikke til
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