Privatflytning København til Amager

I will be moving within Copenhagen, however, I cannot do it alone, nor can I find help. Therefore, I would need help carrying down the bed from the ground floor and also carrying it up to the second floor. There would be 2 stops: pick up is Skindergade 40, the second stop (the bed) is Skaffervej 11 and the end destination is Grønjordsvej 3, 2300 København. The bed is 140*200cm, no headboard. Unless I sit in the vehicle, I cannot be physically present when the bed is taken over as I cannot bike fast enough to be on time at the end, so I am not sure if an extra helper is possible, but I would like to require one. The commode is 100*80, the mirror is 150*40 and there is a small desk and a 130*170 carpet. I will have a few bigger moving boxes as well.
Oprettet 28.12.2020
Kategori Privatflytning
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