Privatflytning Trige til Vallensbæk Strand

Flytteinformation Departure: Byhøjparken 54, 1 tv, 8380 Trige Aarhus Destination:Vejlesvinget 7, 5.3., 2665 Vallensbäk Strand, Copenhagen Departure: A townhouse on the second floor. Stairs. No lift. Destination: An apartment in Copenhagen, 4th floor. Lift and stairs. Time: 17 June or 18 June or 19 June 2024 Goods: 1 armchair, 1 round kitchen table and 4 chairs, desk, 2 office chairs, double bed and mattress, 1 small sitting chair, fold-out single bed, traditional (space-consuming) rocking chair, 4 car tires, exercise bike, washing machine, chest (50x40x50), 2 small loose tables, microwave oven, 3 stand-alone lamps, 1 stand-alone tv-stand, a large wall mirror, a small wall mirror, a candle on a stand, a table and 4 chairs folded to the size of the terrace, a plastic Christmas tree packed in a moving bag, 6 suitcases, 2 large artificial flowers with pots, 4 carpets wrapped in plastic bags and clothes packed in protective canopies or black sacks. About 50 moving boxes (own cardboard and plastic boxes) In addition: I take computers, televisions and some breakable items with my own car Aaro Harju
Oprettet 03.06.2024
Kategori Privatflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt Ligemeget
Der flyttes FRA Hus
Antal kvadratmeter 50-60 m2
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Møblering Let møbleret
Der flyttes TIL Lejlighed, 3. sal
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Serviceniveau Jeg hjælper selv til
Andre ting Der er elevator på tilflytningsadressen