Privatflytning Frederiksberg til København SV

I am not 100% sure about the parking distance at the new address in Sydhavn. I will check with our real estate agent on Monday, was there might be something closer. I just received the offer of the new apartment yesterday, with a move in date of 1st December. I understand that's quite short notice. I would like to move at any of the following dates/times if possible: Thursday 1st December 16.30-22.00 Friday 2nd December all day Saturday 3rd December all day Sunday 4th December all day The furniture I need to move is: One double bed (140cm x 220cm) One sofa that splits in two (part 1 :155cm x 95 cm and part 2: 85cm x 185cm) Two bar stools One light coffee table One bedside table One light and empty bar cart Approximately 20-30 moving boxes I can help with lighter items but as I am pregnant I cannot help with heavier items.
Oprettet 26.11.2022
Kategori Privatflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt 03. December, 2022
Der flyttes FRA Lejlighed, 2. sal
Antal kvadratmeter 40-50 m2
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Møblering Almindeligt møbleret
Der flyttes TIL Lejlighed, 4.sal eller mere
Parkeringsafstand til dør 20-50 meter
Serviceniveau Jeg hjælper ikke til
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