Privatflytning Løkken til Aalborg

Hi. I am going to move in to Aalborg with my family and we're looking for help with transport of boxes and furniture. We need to transport a computer desk, office chair, singe bed (dismantled), a small couch (dismantled), a TV, two chests of drawers, two night tables, a keyboard, a children-sized bike and a bunch of boxes. We also have a snake (non-poisonous and infant), but if you disagree to transport it, one of us will take it via other transport. We are also wondering if it would be possible for you to help us transport a scooter as I have only used it for smaller distances and most likely am unable to drive it all the way to Aalborg. We are supposed to pick up the keys the day before 01.08 as it is Saturday, yet we’re still unsure if it is actually possible or if we have to wait until Monday. So if you are working on weekends and it would be possible for you to make it on 01-02.08 let me know, please, otherwise we are fine with Monday, 03.08. Thank you!
Oprettet 24.07.2020
Kategori Privatflytning
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