Privatflytning Amager til Amager

The flat is not heavily furnished. Bedroom: one Ikea cabinet, which needs to be moved, and two Ikea single beds. Living: An Ikea couch for 2 people, a medium coffee table, a tv cabinet, a big tv, one reading chair, one element book shelf, a baby crib, and one carpet. Kitchen: one table, 4 chairs, one baby chair, one small chair, two medium plants and one keyboard. Bathroom: a small cabinet (3 drawers). Storage room: some cloths, boxes and trollers. Not heavy, but more than a few. There are also cloths, table wear (plates, cups, cutlery), wine bottles, some electronics (two vacuum cleaners) books, and baby toys. We can do the packing and unpacking of stuff, but we need help with the furniture and carrying.
Oprettet 08.10.2021
Kategori Privatflytning
Ønskes påbegyndt Inden for 30 dage
Der flyttes FRA Lejlighed, stuen
Antal kvadratmeter 70-80 m2
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Møblering Let møbleret
Der flyttes TIL Lejlighed, 2. sal
Parkeringsafstand til dør 0-10 meter
Serviceniveau Jeg hjælper ikke til
Andre ting Der er elevator på fraflytningsadressen
Andre ting Der er elevator på tilflytningsadressen
Andre ting Der er et kælderrum som også skal flyttes ©